Truss stand

Truss stand

The most affordable way to realise an exhibition stand is to build it with truss.
With truss and printed banners it is relatively easy to create an eyecatching stand on the tradeshow.
Truss is also often used to create standing and and ‘flying’ truss constructions.

Hanging a truss to the ceiling

With a flying truss construction you will have a big eyecatcher when adding printed banners to it.
From a distance your stand will be visible and attract visitors out of all directions.
It is possible to use rectengular shapes and circle with truss. We have both types of truss available.

Complete truss stand

Because we are able to build custom exhibition stands, we can also combine this service with truss.
We can make a private space in your stand, also we have custom desks in several sizes and styles.
If you need interior like, tables, chairs, plants or other decorative items, we can help you with it.
Let us take care for your floor also, we offer carpet tiles in antracite and laminate in several colors.

LED screen and audio

We also rent LED screens in sizes of 32, 47, 50 en 55 inch, you can use an USB stick to play demo’s.
Also we can help you with audio solutions or special lighting, please contact us for the possibilities.

Experience our full service

We can help you with alsmost everything regarding your participation on a tradeshow.
We guide you through all technical details to apply all neccesary arrangements.
Contact us for a quotation if interested in our service.