Custom stand

Custom exhibition stand

Here you can see some of our custom exhibition stands we have built last season troughout Europe.
We design, produce and build affordable exhibition stands with a high attention value.
Click on the images if you want to have a closer look at the stands we have made.

Exhibition stands with high attention value

We can help you with a custom made exhibition stand with high attention value.
You want to attract relevant visitors to your stand as much as possible.
Therefore, it is very important to stand out between the other stands on the tradeshow.

Getting attention

To get attention on the tradeshow there are several ways to accomplish that.
A good location on the tradeshow is the first thing, but we can’t help you with that unfortunately.
Second, have good stand design with good lighting and signing is the way to get attention.
We can make remarkable exhibition stands so you will have the attention you are looking for.

Hanging banners and truss with lighting

With hanging banners, truss and lighting we can make your stand be more visible on the tradeshow.
To make this possible it is neccesary to hire suspension points in the exhibition hall.
We can help you with ordering the suspension points and electra or do it for you if you whish.

Colors and signing

At a live communication event your want your exhibition stand to communicate with visitors.
The use of colors and graphics emphasize your companies corporate identity.
A combination of painted walls with logo’s and graphics will let your exhibition stand communicate in the most affordable way, but we can also finish exhibition walls completely with printed textiles.

Contact us for an interesting quotation that meets your needs.